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Regular Business Meeting Miscellaneous consent  
Meeting Date: 09/11/2018  
Submitted By: April Guentz, Admin Asst, Exec Dir. Mhyre

Res. No. 18-45  Approve Interlocal Cooperative Agreement with the City of Mountlake Terrace for the issuing of District keys to access school buildings in emergencies.
It is recommended the School Board approve Res. No. 18-45 to authorize the Edmonds School District to issue District keys to provide the City of Mountlake Terrace access to school buildings in an emergency.
The Edmonds School District has school buildings within the limits of the City of Mountlake Terrace.  The City of Mountlake Terrace requests, and the District agrees to, the issuance of keys and electronic access fobs that would provide the Police Department with an emergency response kit to access District schools in the event of an emergency.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: 2017-19
Amount Requested:
Source of Funds:
Account Code:
Fiscal Impact:
ILA with City of Mountlake Terrace1
Resolution 18-45

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Budget & Finance Director (Originator) April Guentz 08/01/2018 06:47 PM
Budget & Finance Exec Dir Stewart Mhyre 08/02/2018 12:56 PM
Superintendent's Office Christine Hansen 08/02/2018 12:56 PM
Superintendent's Office Christine Hansen 08/02/2018 12:58 PM
Form Started By: April Guentz Started On: 08/01/2018 03:18 PM
Final Approval Date: 08/02/2018

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